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NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. NFTs are digital files whose unique identity and ownership are verified by a blockchain and are not mutually interchangeable. NFTs can be any type of digital assets. The most common types are collectibles and artworks, objects in virtual worlds, and digitalised characters from sports and other games. An NFT starts with registering ownership of a digital asset on a blockchain. This digital asset can then be sold, with changes in ownership and the cryptocurrency payment received registered on the blockchain.



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Our vision is that everyone can create, buy and sell their digital collectibles easily, securely and with low fees.


Just upload your work (graphic, music….), create it to make it unique, and start monetizing whenever someone buys it. Leave all the “tech stuff” to Kephi!


Identity and ownership are verified by a blockchain and are not mutually interchangeable. So no one can take advantage of your hard work without recognizing your authorship!

Low Fees

Unlike most NFT platforms that use the Ethereum blockchain, we base all transactions on KardiaChain’s blockchain. What does that mean? Low fees to mint and sell your work, low fees when you buy them!


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    Germán Trautman

    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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    Co-Founder & Chief Strategic Officer

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    Nicolás Albarellos

    Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

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    Business Development Advisor

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    Sean McDonnell

    Business Development Manager

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    Lew Tran

    Tech advisor

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    Film, Graphic and Marketing Advisor.